About Us

Little Caesars International Inc. is the largest carry-out pizza chain in the world and Al-Jundi Trading Agency is the franchisee operating in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Al-Jundi Trading Agency started its path in the Jordanian market in 2009. The CEO of the company, Tony Al-Jundi, an American Jordanian who resides in the United States, discovered that with the industrial market growing in Jordan, a carry-out pizza chain was missing.

With his past experience and education in the food and hospitality business, Mr. Jundi had a vision in providing the Jordanian market the best western carry-out pizza chain, which happening to be Little Caesars International Inc. With Little Caesar’s vision of having the best quality pizza for the a great price and Mr. Jundi’s vision combined, Little Caesar’s started to grow in the Hashemite Kingdom. They have had increasing support throughout the market for their quality products, and impressive customer support and service. Al-Jundi Trading Agency is planning on growing throughout all of the provinces of the Kingdom shortly in the upcoming years, with support through their customers. Al-Jundi Trading Agency would like to extend their loyalty and gratitude for all those that have provided continued support in Little Caesars Jordan, and is committed to their values of having the best quality pizza and products for the best value to be offered in all of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Little Caesars International Inc. aims to be the largest provider for a carry-out pizza chain in the Jordanian market through Al-Jundi Trading Agency, which is slowly expanding to be the best in all of the market. Al-Jundi Trading Agency would like to again thank all those who have shown support in them, and promises to not disappoint in the near future.

Our Story - How It All Began

Mike and Marian Ilitch opened their first Little Caesars restaurant in Garden City, Michigan more than 50 years ago.

Mike Ilitch had been on another career path as a talented shortstop with the Detroit Tigers farm team. While his teammates were looking for the local ballpark, Mike was eyeing the local pizza joint. Pizza was clearly in his blood. An injury prompted Mike to trade in his baseball glove for hot pads.

It was an exciting time for Mike and Marian Ilitch as they worked together toward that grand opening day of May 8, 1959.

From a Single Store to a Global Chain

Michael and Marian Ilitch, the founders of Little Caesars Pizza,dreamed big, took risks, and grew one pizza shop in a Detroit suburb into an international pizza chain.

It started with a little-known snack food called “pizza” brought home by World War II soldiers returning from Italy. Mike and Marian saw promise in this new food and were passionate about starting their own pizza business. They invested their $10,000 life savings toward opening a single Little Caesars shop in 1959.To grow the chain, Mike and Marian franchised their stores, ultimately giving thousands of individuals the opportunity to own their own business. Mike and Marian took personal pride in helping franchisees grow their businesses and providing employment opportunities for young crew members. 

More than 50 years later, Little Caesars is the largest carry out pizza chain in the world and an internationally known brand. The success of Little Caesars allowed Mike and Marian to own other businesses in the food, sports and entertainment industries, including the Detroit Red Wings and Olympia Entertainment, among others. Just like Little Caesars, Mike and Marian’s businesses are synonymous with “fun.” 

Leading Through Innovation

Innovation has given Little Caesars its unique place in the pizza industry, even from day one. When they opened their doors in 1959, people thought a carry out restaurant without tables and chairs would fail, but Mike and Marian’s innovative idea paid off.

Little Caesars has a history of industry firsts: Mike pioneered the two-for-one pizza deal later known as Pizza!Pizza!®, and then created a conveyor oven specially designed to bake pizza quickly and consistently to keep up with customer demand. The chain built stores where pizza was never served before, such as in sports arenas, college dormitories, and military bases.Little Caesars introduced Crazy Bread®, which became a standard accompaniment to pizza and was mimicked by other pizza chains. Little Caesars also broke the status quo by making pizzas ready when customers walk in, with no need to call ahead or wait in line, with the launch of its HOT-N-READY pizza offer.

Commitment to Core Values

Throughout its history, Little Caesars has provided quality pizza at a great price, resulting in outstanding value for customers. Quality and value are core values at Little Caesars, but the brand also represents passion, fun, commitment and a focus on family. This spirit comes to life in the fun-loving “Little Caesar” character who is loved by kids and adults alike around the globe. These characteristics are also reflected in breakthrough advertising and marketing campaigns that are remembered by customers for decades. Pizza!Pizza!® is an iconic phrase that resonates with customers, who remember fondly the advertising associated with it.

Giving back has always been a part of the way Little Caesars does business. Unique programs such as Little Caesars youth hockey, the Little Caesars Love Kitchen, and the Little Caesars Veterans Program have made a difference for millions of people through the years. 

Realizing the American Dream

It has been a remarkable ride for the entire Little Caesars family, from colleagues, to franchisees, vendors and crew members. Mike and Marian have demonstrated that achieving the American dream is possible for those who dream big, take risks and work hard. Along the way, they have shared opportunities with others and earned respect by demonstrating humility. 

A Bright Future

Little Caesars continues to innovate to provide more value to more people in more places. This means business opportunities for entrepreneurs, new  stores across the world, tasty and convenient new products,and marketing innovations that delight customers. Most importantly, Little Caesars remains focused on what it does best: providing top-quality pizza made with fresh ingredients at a great price!